Meet Pluggi

Your Personal AI Budtender Chatbot.

Pluggi simplifies dispensary shopping with relevant product recommendations and AI driven support.
16x ROI On Average
28% Increase in Average Cart Value.
15% Reduced Cart Abandonment

Our AI budtender makes it easy for customers to put together their ideal order in just a few simple questions!

Custom GPT Integration Trained on Your Dispensary Menu for AI-Driven Customer Support

Integrated directly with your existing tools to quickly generate relevant recommendations!

What makes Pluggi special?


We believe every dispensary is unique in its own way, so we make it easy to customize our AI Budtender to fit your particular needs.

Quick Setup

Have a fully customized AI Budtender recommending products to your dispensaries customers in 3 days!

Seamless Integration

Our AI Budtender pulls relevant product recommendations through direct integrations with your dispensaries eCommerce system.

Customer Insights

Gain insight into your customers preferences through our analytics and reports dashboard.

Great dispensaries see an average ROI of 16x using our AI Budtender

Simplify your cannabis dispensaries eCommerce with an AI Budtender.

Get your custom-built Virtual Budtender today! Free for 30 Days.

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